The founder and the president of the firm Jeanette C. Justus is a creative problem solver with over 30 years of progressive and diversified experience in education, local government, and corporations.

In 1998, she established her own firm, Jeanette C. Justus Associates, which specializes in school facility planning, school relations and public policy. The firm's strengths include developing strategy to address school district new development issues, analyzing government policy, advocacy, resolving conflict, negotiating and facilitating school facility mitigation agreements. The firm has a thorough understanding of the state school facility construction programs and expert technical experience in the areas of analyzing and developing student generation rates, analyzing school facility impacts from new development and transfers of territory. Ms. Justus and staff have working relationships with the State Allocation Board, the Office of Public School Construction, the California Department of Education and school districts throughout the state. Ms. Justus' reputation is built upon having an action-oriented approach to problem solving critical issues facing her clients. Over her career, she has been involved in the successful negotiation of over 30 school mitigation/ settlement agreements and approvals of Transfers of Territory and numerous school sites.

From 1993 to 1998, Ms. Justus was a principal of Government Solutions, a full-service firm focused on government and community relations, where she specialized in school issues, negotiating school agreements, providing liaison work between businesses and schools, and providing school facility planning services.

Prior to founding Government Solutions with partners, Ms. Justus was Director of Policy Issues for The Irvine Company, responsible for resolving major school and local government issues that impacted development of the 68,000-acre Irvine Company ranch. She negotiated mitigation agreements for financing school facilities in four unified school districts and achieved the local approval of school sites (including elementary, intermediate and high schools) and land sales to school districts. In addition, she was responsible for reviewing local government's growth management and housing elements ensuring compatibility with company objectives and represented business and development interests in various organizations and policy and legislative committees.

Before joining The Irvine Company, Ms. Justus was Director of Housing and Neighborhood Development for the City of Garden Grove. She was responsible for creating a newly formed housing department, managing federal housing subsidy and rehabilitation programs, and developing and implementing affordable housing strategies.

Ms. Justus has a BA in political science from the State University of New York at Buffalo, a MA in Gerontology from the University of South Florida and a MBA from the University of California, Irvine.
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