Working in education, city government and the development industry, Jeanette Justus started a new firm that concentrates on a niche in the development of new communities - the planning of schools. She was able to bring together experience and knowledge gained over 30 years to the concentrated school facilities planning arena in the exciting world of new residential development in California. The firm was successful from the first day because of the focused knowledge of the complicated school district field, including the laws, regulations and ways of doing business in local school districts and state agencies in Sacramento.

Jeanette C. Justus Associates successfully guides clients that are experiencing community resistance to growth, changing development market conditions, demographic trends, and school planning processes involved in delivery of school facilities on schedule.

Every project is unique and custom assessments are developed to help clients understand impacts of their projects on the school system. The firm's strengths include assessing school facility needs, developing school district strategy, analyzing government policy, resolving conflict, negotiating and facilitating school facility mitigation agreements, and advocacy.

Jeanette C. Justus Associates independently conducts technical studies with a focus on demographic information, student generation rates, assessment of school needs, financing options, and planning and construction of school facilities in new and existing communities statewide.

The firm also has technical expertise in the state school construction and school funding programs, and working with the State Allocation Board, the Office of Public School Construction and the California Department of Education to obtain state approval and funding of school projects.

Jeanette C. Justus Associates provides support during project entitlement by addressing school requirements set forth by the California Environmental Quality Act. Other areas of expertise include school district boundary adjustments, project schedules, surplus properties and custom-made studies to suit client needs.

Members of the firm are active participants in the Building Industry Associations (BIA OC, California BIA), the Urban Land Institute (ULI), California's Coalition for Adequate School Housing (CASH), and the Orange County Department of Education Maintenance Facilities Planners Group. The firm is a CBIA Partner.